Girls, would you date a guy who is perfect in every way except he has a siamese twin?

  • I'd give it a go
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  • No way, sex would be too awkward
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  • Only if the other twin was female and willing to do 3 ways
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  • Only if the other twin was male and willing to do 3 ways
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  • Only if the other twin was a male to female transgender and willing to do 3 ways
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  • I would do it so I could star in a reality show about it
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  • Where has this question been all my life
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I have siblings too...
    Why should this be any different?

    I would know which guy is who.

    • Because the other sibling is kind of attached like ALL the time so they would be there for EVERYTHING. There would be so many differences between that and normal siblings

    • Well yeah.. that would be strange...
      And no, no 3 ways... and probably no sex at all... and probably awkward kissing...
      So in the long run - mayyyybe not. o. O

    • Lol. I would if it was twin girls. Just saying

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What Girls Said 5

  • Of course I voted no but I have read of some Siamese twins getting married. Each had their own wife. I think it was in China.

  • No, I couldn't do that.
    Imagine his siamese twin finds a girlfriend.. I bet then she'd move in. Double dates don't sound appealing at all :D

    • It could be a 4 way every night lol

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    • Well there you go

    • Lissy, danke :)
      They had 21 children, one had 10, the other 11 and pretty much every single pregnancy happened at the same time with children being born within a week of each other. I think it would be like weird porn, if one brother is going at it with his wife, the other one isn't just *there* but his body is actually caught up in the rhythm of sex too. Of course there had to be threesomes and foursomes going on. I think with as sexually active as both couples were suggested to have been, it's quite possible.

      Had the couple's been around today, Diane Sawyer would have probably cleared all this up.

  • to be honest i won't date him. we need privacy lol.

  • No, I would not, that wouldn't work.

  • i don't think so nope


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