Can a girl really make the first move and ask a guy out if he is too shy? How do you know when you should?

I m the new girl at work (elementary school). And I like a guy who I'm pretty sure is shy. When meeting him it was clear the attraction was there. We exchanged awkward 'hellos' and 'how are yous' and I've caught him looking at me and scanning my body with his eyes. Daily.

Being a shy person myself I would never approach a guy. But I was tired of being too scared. His idea of flirting was 'let me get this out of the way for you' and 'how are you?' And that seemed where he wanted to leave it until I started talking to him, which seemed to make him more comfortable to initiate. And he started to chat me up as well.

He is a bit of a mystery in one way and wears his feelings on his sleeve in other ways. When he sees me his eyes get big and his scans my body. He is also very helpful and can be touchy. Then he can be nervous or careful with his movements.

He took another job and the days before he did tell me this. I was trying to work up the nerve and even told him that I'd miss him, accidentally.

He told me in a round about way that he would be around and back to visit and wasn't really going anywhere. Famous last words. He asked me would I be there next year.'you'll be here next year, right?' I told him 'yeah..' he nodded and said ' okay.." in a relieved tone ", well you'll see me" I wanted to ask him would that be enough for him but it also got me thinking that he didn't want to see me out of school.

I didn't get the nerve. So many people are telling me he wasn't interested, or interested but shy or I wasn't clear with my feelings. Or even though he is shy that wouldn't stop him if he really wanted me OR he is shy so he will never make a move. Or he didn't like me enough.

I'm starting to dread going back to the school after break and having him not be there or if/when he shows up I'm thinking about running and hiding.

Should I ask?


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  • If he's shy then this could go on for years with him to scared to make a move best thing to do is just ask him to coffee after work stay small if u r really shy

    • Eh, years? . I'm contract and I have to find a, better job and he already did. So I'm determined not to be at that location for years. Unless it turns in to a social media friendship, which I dont want. im hoping I can work up the courage.

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    • That's grate keep it up :)

    • Thanks. I'm trying LOL

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  • Why don't you just ask him to hang out in a casual setting to talk about life and his new job etc. Get some coffee or grab lunch together. This would open the door for a real date.

    • I was trying to work up the courage to do so. I think he, was as well because started asking me personal questions, which I didn't think much of at the moment. My plan was to ask him for his, social media contact and maybe we can chat there and get more comfortable with each other. And if I had to , if he wouldn't I would ask him there

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  • He obviously likes you but he doesn't feel certain you like him which is why he isn't being blunt and asking you out and declaring his love. I was in this many scenarios in the past and I could feel the girl liked me too but I didn't have the nerve.

    next time this situation happens I think you should just tell him how u feel

  • That's something , if only the kiddies knew


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