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So I've been seeing this girl for about two months, we hang out quite a bit, multiple times a week. When we do hangout it is always just us alone together. We text each other everyday, usually for a good portion of the day talking about all sorts of random stuff about ourselves and each other. Whenever we look at each other, we each instantly smile and maintain eye contact almost the entire time one another is talking.

I like her quite a bit, and a few weeks ago we kind of let it out in the open but never directly stated it. The other day I sat her down and told her how I felt and she replied by stating that she was afraid. She said it had partially to due with a past relationship and recently another guy really liked her and she soon after realized that she didn't feel the same way. She went on to say that she may be closing herself off to the idea of a relationship because of these experiences.

I like her a lot, and I'm almost positive she feels the same way, but because of her experiences she's afraid to go ahead and say it and I'm really unsure of how to get her past those experiences and let her know that I would do everything in my power to try and not hurt her like she has in the past.

Is there any advice on how I should approach/handle this situation besides just let time do work?


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  • its not an uncommon stuff with girls, just be cool, give her ..her time , trust me the more time you give it the more comfortable she would get and the more open she would be with her ideas and expectations from this relationship that you both share . meanwhile try to find what went wrong with her past ( but here don't push . the trick is time and patience. we are not going to die tommorow , so why the haste) and wait for her to make the next move , for feeling your the guy for her. so sit back and relax now

    :) cheers

  • If she wants to open up about it, encourage her to. Otherwise, just focus on trying to reassure her that you're not a jerk and show her you care about her. Sometimes a girl just wants to hear that if she lets her heart open up again, she'll be okay. I know for me I kinda went through a hurtful breakup, and I need someone to show me he won't be like the last guy. Just be there for her and remind her every once in awhile that she matters to you. And be consistent with her. If you tell her in passing that you guys should go see a play, follow through with that and ask her to go to one that's coming up soon. Show her she can rely on you.


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