Do you guys meet up with guys/girls you met online hoping that they could be a potential boyfriend/girlfriend?

  • Yes I meet up with dudes I find on dating apps/dating sites
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  • No I prefer the real thing
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i've never done it, but i can see why people do it and think it would be fun and exciting.

    • I see. I personally prefer the real thing but its your choice

    • o, i do too. for sure! but i think it could be fun to kinda sift through a bunch of people and pick ones you THINK might have what ur looking for.

    • It could be.

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  • I don't use online dating with initiative anymore (in other words, I don't actively seek out dates there anymore). It's an "everyone loses" environment. Guys can't get any dates; girls can get dates but the dates they do get end up in some variation of the "pump and dump".


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