Should I break up with her?

I've been dating my girlfriend for 1.5 years now and lately I have been very confused about my feelings for the relationship and her. These feelings came out of no where and took me by surprise, which caused me to act before giving it time and I broke up with her, but got back together within an hour. She knows that I'm trying to figure things out, and her understanding is the only thing that's giving me peace of mind. One second I wonder why I even want to break up with her, and the next second I think about all of her flaws, the fact that I want to date other girls, and a loss of attraction to her. It's been a week and I am still lost. I also feel guilty because she admitted to me that she's scared about us breaking up, and she is still madly in love, but I don't have the same emotions anymore. It's like the feelings just died one day and I didn't notice. She doesn't fully understand the reasoning behind breaking up because this is her first real relationship, and she thinks that if you still love each other, there is no reason to break up, so this makes it even harder to explain. I'm stuck in a ditch with this decision, and I can't seem to firmly decide on anything. Please help!


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  • You obviously have lost love and moved on... i suggested breaking up with her before its late... you said she is madly in love... if you still continue this relationship you will hurt this girl even more


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  • You need to leave this girl and avoid all contact for 1 month. She'll be less hurt in the long run. If you keep talking to. her she'll keep getting upset and making u guys get back togather.

    • Thank for the advice! I'm still trying to decide when I should talk to her. It seems like there is never a good time, and I will still have to see her in school all the time (because I'm her commanding officer in JROTC) so this makes it even worse. Ugh I'm screwed

    • When you break up tell her the reason but dont talk about it much. Before you guys meet up text her telling her you need to tell her something. but after the break up when you see her dont speak to her and dont act guilty she'll interpret this as you still having feelings. Only speak to her if she speaks to you.

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