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Okay so there's this guy at work and we friends we talk and text to see what's up 2 days ago we were cool texting. At work today he didn't say nothing to me , or even look my direction is he not interested In me any more? Is because we work together and he doesn't want nobody to know? Or is it awkward for him? Every time I look at Him he looks the other way or when I'm not looking he would stare at me he's weird then he would talk and laugh loud at work I don't know he's trying to get my attention.. His guy friend was working with us too today I don't know if that's why he's ignoring me but yeah.
Do you think its because we work together too that's why he's acting like that?


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  • It's just been a couple days since you talked, there doesn't need to be a conversation every single time you see each other just because you were texting.


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  • It could be that with the Bud 'Working with us today,' he finds this a bit awkward and doesn't want to Have to Explain Anything to Anyone if he should catch on To... Some friendly flirting.
    Maybe later after the doors close, you could push a button your way to find out if he Is... Okay. Find out if he had something on his mind on the job, that he Wasn't... Himself.
    However, if he doesn't reply or even if he does, and doesn't say Anything worth Answering your Question, then go to work tomorrow and see if he is this same way and if he Still puts you on his pay no mind list.
    After This, take it that there is nothing left to say and ignore him then.
    On the record, the 'Showing Off' you saw him doing was just This: Showing Off in front of everyone for fun but at the same time, this also shows me, he is a bit nervous and this is his way of Releasing it.
    Good luck. xx


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  • He doesn't want to make it obvious that he likes you at work. It's awkward if your colleagues can sense an attraction between you two bbecause soon they'll start asking questions when you guys are separate from eachother. He's keeping it low-key maybe you should speak to him if you think he's ignoring you. He's probably trying to keep things professional at work.


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