How should I go about trying to make contact online with this girl?

she's from my hometown and i meet her at her work i've talked to her a few times but felt things were going really slow , i've seen her twitter page and wanted to add her and make contact online but not sure how to go about things , i can easily just click follow her and she'd see i added her but want to have more of an impact , saw some posts she recently made and they indicated she was upset with things and not having a good summer , i want to like make things better and show her a good time , any ideas how i should proceed?


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  • whoa wait a min... how did u find her twitter page? did u search about her?

    anyway better avoid her now since she's UPSET as u said... maybe u'll upset her more if u do anything now

    • well its a small town so I had come across her page in my travels , might of seen it on a gf's of her's friends list or something like that , we knew some of the same people

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    • what about trying to talk to her at work now that I realise there is a problem and she is upset about things

    • ok then... if u think so give it a try... but don't be surprised if she turns against u ;)

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