Some ideas will be appreciated?

Im new to all this liking a guy and I want to tell a guy I feel attracted to him or like him but I dont know how to do it and when will be the best and appropriate time to do it or say it. It is a guy I met 4 mos ago and even though we haven't gone out together very often in fact just once and that was almost 2 mos ago but we talked about going out again but never schedule when just we mention about it. I dont know how to tell him that. Currently he is out of the country and he returns around mid August or the end of August he is with some male friends in Europe backpacking.

He had given me signs he likes me over text and during our first date, but he never had said directly to me he likes me or feel attracted, but I dont know if it is he is just being that flirtious with all women he met or he really likes me. So that is the confusing part whether I better wait for him to make a move or not. His personality is a bit odd let me tell you that is another reason I dont know how to tell a guy I like him when his personality is a bit ambigous and strange like for there ar times he tells and share things with me and other times he does not say a word and does not share things or do not answer when I ask him about things. For example I remember on our first date he asked me what did I think of him when I first met him 4 mos ago but then when I asked him the same question the next day over the phone text, he did not answer me. I think it was more important for him to know what I think of him than what he think of me. Maybe he was strange that someone like me would care about him? I dont know.

Important note here were are not a pair of teenagers we are people in our 40's so is not that at our ages we have to play the liking not liking thing scenario like teenagers. Im a bit shy on this department and I never been like bold to tell a guy I like him, so this is all new for me cause I dont have that kind of experience but I need to act like a mature woman on this.
On our first date I had a great time, we made out, we hugged, and I told him so and thank him for the date.


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  • No offense but you are in your 40s and you are asking this? Up until that line I thought you were in high school.

    Just tell him you want to go out again and see what he says. The whole idea that "men always have to make the first move" doesn't apply anymore

    • I mean so far I have been the one mentioning going out for the second date and he had said yes 3 weeks ago but after those 3 weeks ago I have been texting him to greet him or say at least how are you (not often of course as I dont want to act like desesperate or clingy I want to take my time) and he has not responded me at all. I dont know why. ALso Im told that a guy should be the one who needs to show he is into the girl and interested if a guy does not show that or give sings he is interested, it means he is not into you period not the woman need to act first, especially in my particular case when he never told me or mentioned me he was going on this trip with his male best friends he kept it from me. Also like I said he is currently in Europe and he will return until the end of August.

    • How exactly are you asking him to meet up?

      Is it, "hey lets get coffee sometime" or is it, "Are you free Friday night after 7pm to meet at the Starbucks on X street and chat for a while"

      I would ask about a specific day about doing and if he can't agree on a specific date then just let it go

    • Ohh I think I have to tell you the whole story then.

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