How to stop this before it gets started, please I need to figure this out quickly?

This guy and I work together, and he's really nice and sweet. The only problem is, he's going to be a Junior in High School, and I'm going to be a Freshman in college. There is almost zero percent chance that this will carry on past the summer, and if I'm going to start a relationship I want it to last. The age differance is also bugging me, just as a personal preferance, I would like to date someone my age or older. The problem becomes that I still have two weeks that I have to work with him AND his Mom (we work as aids in a summer school), and I don't want things to be awkward. I didn't realize he was sixteen until the middle of this week, and I was flirting with him up unitl I found out. Like I said before he's super nice, cute, and sweet; he's been Snapchatting me non-stop, and at this point I just feel bad becasue it really can't go anywhere, and he's trying so hard to get somewhere. My biggest fear is that it's going to be extreamly awkward for me if this ends badly, because both his Mom and himself work in the same room as me. I need to get this fixed as soon as possible, without hurting too many peoples feeling, please help!


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  • Just break up, college focus needed or whatever.


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