Guys, Would you date a former sex worker?

Very clean sex worker, rules here are strict too so you need to be tested frequently.
Say she's a beautiful, charming, intelligent girl with a great soul. Will quit the industry for you but you can't seem to get passed the fact that she's a sex worker but that's the only thing really wrong.


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  • I'm probably going to be the odd man out here but I'd be fine with it.

    I have no moral issues with sex work in and of itself. It's exploitation I have problems with. As long as she's in it of her own free will and not because of coercion, I'm cool with it.

    Actually, I admit I sort of have a sort of secret fascination with women who go into sex work voluntarily. Given the amount of shame and stigma women face by stepping outside of socially acceptable gender roles, I respect women who openly defy society and wear the sexuality on their sleeve. I think they tend to be really interesting people.

    • Difinitly in it of own free will. The reason that the industry is so lucrative and makes so much money is because of the stigma attached so I guess it's just hazards of the job. You figure out who your real friends are and the good kind hearted people in this world fairly quickly when you work in the sex industry. I don't want anyone in my life who is ignorant and closed minded.

    • Thanks for MHO.

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  • nope, there's nothing stopping her going back to her old life. also sex means nothing to her so she could easily cheat

    • That's not true at all, she offers a service, doesn't even have sex every time because she's not an alleyway hooker she's a high end private escort who makes people happy for a living. By no means does that means ex means nothing to her. I think most men are jealous because women can do this and earn 200k or more per year and they could never do it at all

    • yeah, and i think women who do that as a job are missing out as any self respecting guy would never go there.

      you can earn your 200k+ a year, but you will never be happy. money can't buy your innocence

    • That's not true, I have a wonderful man who satisfys me enough and I'd never cheat on him because no one would be as good. Most men are terrible in bed.

  • If she brought more to the table than just mind blowing sex then sure.

  • what does "sex worker" actually mean? is it just an euphemism for "prostitute?

    • Sex worker is the legal term for a prostitute in Australia. She's a high end private eacort so doesn't just have sex.

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    • Trust me, and definitely have a satisfactory sex life haha actually I'm less likely to cheat because I don't see the point in having sex with another man when its most likely going to be crap. The man I'm with is amazing 😜

    • i guess you´re lucky then.

  • Wouldn't touch her with a ten foot thick condom

    • Australian sex workers are less likely to contract an sti than the general population due to strict laws. The main reason sex workers get sti's is because their boyfriend gave it to then

    • It's still fuckin nasty

    • So it's okay to fuck some regular chick who probably has an sti but a sex worker who is clean is apparently Nasty lol.

  • Nope because of those awkward moments where we are out in and about and we run into one of your old clients. Sure you're no longer a sex worker but still...


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