Girls, What does it mean when she says she wants a fun/fiery/passionate relationship?

Hey everyone, I'm speaking to this girl and she says she wants a nice assertive man who understands when no means no. She also told me that typically nice guys don't have this trait, only the assholes can be fiery/passionate, and more charming, what does that mean?


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  • lol, she's a masochist. hahaha. she wants someone to lock her down, command her, but also respect her and give that space. she wants someone who'll take charge and maybe even be a little possessive of her, but not too much.
    nice guys will give her too much space and be too lenient and will compromise... she's probably bad at taking decisions, and does not want to be asked if she'll want this or that so often.

    • Thing is she said she had an abusive ex and she doesn't like it. She wants to go for the nice guy. Lol.

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    • I most times tend to be a nice girl and wonder about personal boundaries.. how much comfort one will have to approach a subject. So I usually wouldn't ask too many questions about the ex.
      But that's me.

      You gotta take some risks.
      When she talks about her ex, you can be a little more intrusive and ask her about him, about what was good being with him despite the abusiveness. When she talks about him, it's also cathartic for her and will help her get it out of her system by sharing things, and the fact that she can share it with you will make you the person she can go to/ trust/ rely on. But make sure that you don't get an overdose of it. You wouldn't want her to talk of her ex all the time instead of having a convo with you about you, right?

      It's all tiny judgments and decisions.

    • Nice guys will have to get down and dirty a little. :P

      You connect to a person when you reveal more facets of yourself. It's a leap of faith.

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  • That means she wants to get gripped up and cursed at lol

  • Chivalry and spontaneity


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