If you could only use music to ask someone on a date, what song would you choose?


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  • It is not a English song. Here is the translation.

    I have written on the wings of wind
    the story of my heart
    O beloved have you read it or not
    tell me when we meet

    In the flowers and stars
    and in every spectacle
    My eyes have seen your face

    I have built a world of imagination
    I hid you in the dreams of night
    I adorned you in the windows of heart
    Whether you know or not

    I have prepared a picture of memories
    I haven't told you and kept it secret

    I kept enduring our parting silently
    whether you agree or not

    This moonlight is of your shadow
    The tune of your youth is spread everywhere

    What to do, what to do, your style just makes it difficult to live

    Such beautiful would be the universe
    and there will be rain of emotions
    I have never though we would meet O dear

    This intoxicated atmosphere is drenched in fun

    Even the situation has turned in our favour
    I haven't received a bit of relief anywhere
    My intentions became wayward

    Though I stayed closer to you there was still some distance in between
    This petty affair didn't break even after breaking
    and we came closer

    your faithfulness is fragrant in breaths

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    • I was literally just listening to this earlier. LOVE IT!

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