Was this girl just leading me on when she said she liked me?

There's this girl that I had a crush on, and I assume had a crush on me. This all started a few weeks ago when she told me that we should watch one of her favorite movies together over the weekend. During the movie I put my arm around her and she seemed fine with it. At the end of the night she said we should grab breakfast together the next morning and we did. I asked her on a few other outings for the next two weeks. But, this weekend she came and told me that she wanted to stay friends. She said she loved hanging out with me and thought I was really funny, but that she was working through some stuff. When she talked to me she used the words "for now" when describing our friendship, but she texted me later to explain in more detail and did not mention for now, just that we keep getting to know each other as friends. I told her how I felt about her, but also said I wanted to respect her decisions and accept our friendship. She told me how happy she was to have met me, and that I was a great guy. She said this all in such a way that I feel is sincere, no one who wants to push unwanted advances out of their life would ask you on two dates, then let you down that slowly. That's my opinion, but im interested in what you guys think?

While Im still like this girl, I'm not asking because I plan on sitting around waiting for her. I'm just wondering in case anything pops up in the future, but until that comes we're just friends, and if it never comes that's fine too.


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  • We'll I mean from what your saying the girl doesn't know what she wants and doesn't know what to decide to do and how she feels about the relationship I say to give it a bit more time to see what she does and if she wants to be more than friends and if not I'm sure that there are other people that would love to have u as your significant other 😊 but if she's still on and off then I say to leave it because your worth more than that I hope this helps!


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