Online dating dilema : Which guy do I go steady with?

Tried out online dating for the first time and I am in a position where i have to chose between 2 guys i met. The first guy I met fairly quickly, we chatted and had good chemistry, and have met up twice. We talk about twice a week, and both of our dates lead to sexual contact, but not intercourse. On the other hand the second guy I spoke to for a prolonged period of time. We made friends and he admitted to having a thing for me. He is a good friend and I can see myself staying friends with him for a long time, I'm just unsure whether i have feelings for him romantically. We went on a "date" to the cinema but things were really slow, but neither of us participated in any flirting - we didn't kiss, hug or hold hands... yet he updated his FB status to in a relationship with me. I have feelings for the first guy i met, but although he's hinted at it i'm not 100% sure he wants to be committed to me, rather than just being a girl he met "for fun". How should I go about asking where I stand? And what would you do in this situation? Thanks x


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  • Go with guy 2, I mean maybe he's more traditional and goes at a slower pace with a relationship... yyou know has some values, where as guy 1 is just in it to win it, get to the sex as quick as possible. Taking it slow never hurt anyone and you could really get to know guy 2 on a much deeper level... I mean look at the tortious beating the hare.


What Girls Said 1

  • Pick the one who makes you feel sparks.


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