I feel like he only asked me out, because he felt obligated to?

This is a fairly long story, so let me try and summarise it in the best way possible. Basically, I started liking a guy, and I told my best friend about it. She's a lot louder than me, so she started becoming friends with him, and eventually told him that I liked her. It's fine though, because I told her to.

So then she told me that he was planning on asking me to go to the cinema with him, and at this point I was surprised, because I didn't think that he'd react that way. I avoided him for the entire weekend, until he finally managed to get me alone and ask me.

The problem is, I feel like the only reason that he even asked me is because he felt obligated to, since he knew that he liked me. According to my friend, he told her that he was planning on asking me at some point anyway, and he already knew that I liked him. I'm not very subtle about these things.

He's a lovely guy, but he's also really polite with a lot of manners etc. So he could have only asked me, because he felt that it was the most polite thing to do...

Any opinions or advice would help! :)


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  • Maybe Im not following but are you saying he asked you out out of politeness because he likes you and you like him? Seems like when he found out from your friend that you like him, he finally got the nerve to ask you out. Sounds like a guy who's into you.


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  • Uhhh... I'm not even sure you make any sense here.

    So basically the guy you like actually likes you back, but he asked you out because he felt it an obligation to ask you out because he likes you?

    Lol... like.. isn't that the next step anyway?
    Or you meant that he doesn't really have feelings for you but taking you for an obligatory date just to not have and bad feelings?

    If he's asked you out, you can just ask him how he sees you. What's wrong with going on a date with him? Just enjoy it. Don't overthink. If you're that worried that it's an obligatory date, you can go but just don't expect anything. If he's being elusive and aloof, then you'll know. If you're feeling so bad, then tell him to quit it. Or just refuse to go again.

    Otherwise, work on your relationship. Make him fall for you. Let him see you as someone he really wants to date. It's in your hands now how you want it to turn out.


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  • Yes, you're probably right. He feels presured to ask you out or you'll be embarrassed now..

    So go with him, but be aware he might not be so excited about being with you! Try to get to know him, this may be your only opportunity.


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