How to know he's interested in me?

I've been textind with a really nice guy for several weeks now.
how can i tell that he's genuie interested in me?
and is the usage of emojis in texts an indicator of if or how much he likes me or not?

and how can i make him want to ask me out?


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  • Try flirting with him during text and see if that helps , if he's doing all the flirting than he may feel your not too much into him ,

    • any specific good ways to flirt over text? because i'm not really experienced with flriting

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    • ok thank you.. well tbh the only thing bothering and doubting me is that he hasn't replied since yesterday morning when i told him that i'll return to London in 2 weeks... and since he always replied me within a reasonable amount of time, i feel its weird

    • Your welcome :) Text him some more and see if you get a response

What Girls Said 1

  • Does he compliment you? Does he tease you? If the answer is "yes", then he is probably interested.

    • well no.. he just uses emojis sometimes and offered me to go sailing with me when I'll be back in London as he's a watersports instructor..

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