Is it ok to ask a girl this?

I met this girl on line we became fb friends texted a bit fb messaged. Well she didn't respond to anything for awhile. Well yesterday she responded out of the blue. I really want to ask her out. But I'm not sure if she dating anyone. Her fb says single. Do I send a message asking if she's single or seeing any one or do I just tell her how I feel and ask her out out?


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  • Ask her if she's single and if she says yes then just go for it and ask her out

    • Is it ok over fb message. I mean we haven't met in person. Just online dating site.

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    • Thanks for the help!

    • Glad I could help

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  • Clutch it man. if he profile says single she's probably single.


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  • Ask her out. If she's with someone, you'll know anyway after that.


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