Does she want to see me again?

broke up with me ex about 5 weeks ago, together for 5 months. she said she needed time as she was in an abusive reaplitionship previous to me and I was the first guy she was with since. Anyway last week she text me saying she had time to think and she can't belive she didn't make the most of the time we had together and said she's over her weird stuff and basicaly suggested she wanted to come and see me.

We sent a few text, and then a few days ago I text her saying I had time to think and when your next free we should do something. she relpied saying yeah maybe next week? then asked loads of questions about me, how I was, what I've been doing etc... I replied saying next week should be good what day you thinking? then asked how she was etc... I've not had a reply as of yet 2 days on. however this is uncommon, she's never been the fastest at replying, although it is hard to make arrangements. I would of thought if she's wanted to see me she would of text back a bit faster?

Is she just waiting to know for sure when she's free? maybe she doesn't want to seem desperate as she was the one that sort of ended it? I think Im just going to wait for her reply and give her time to think and not pressure her. what do you think is up?


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  • That seems odd. She reached out to u why us she not responding? I wuld say dont text her wait for her response. DONT go out of ur way for her. When she texts back be like whats up? U never texted back? And if u feel like meeting up do it at your convenience not her's. Keep your guard up. Dont give ur time to anyone who is shady, flakey, confused. Good luck! Go with ur gut feeling about someone cuz its ALways right!!


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