You want to know the worst feeling in the world?

loving your ex girlfriend but knowing she's talking to guys and possibly (probably) getting fucked. But what may be worse is that fact that I know she thinks of me every single day and I do the same. I've already moved on but you can't help who you love.

I was an insecure fuck during our relationship, but I've come to realize open relationships are the best relationship for couples who are young.


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  • So if ya moved in how do you in fact know that she thinks of you every single day? I don't understand how you can draw that conclusion of you have moved on... especially after the statement "you can't help who you love" furthermore, I would like to add that knowing someone is probably getting fucked that I love is not the worst feeling in the world. The worst feeling in the world is when you give your heart and soul to those you love and the betray you


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  • Your young what you realize today will be tomorrow's stepping stone or stumbling block. I say this because Life is in a constant state of perpetual motion. And the inconsistency of the human heart guarantees that they will always made breakable.
    Don't cry over her my friend, cause she is not crying over you. She may not love you, yet she may. Her actions and attitudes are her business. Suck it up... lay in your room and listen to Sade records and in time you will move on.
    There are two guarantees in life Death and Change. And nothing is more desirable and heartbreaking then what is unobtainable.
    Good luck my friend, take it one day at a time.
    Your life is young and long and there many many women, girls, females, out there...


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What Girls Said 2

  • If you loved then why let go? If she loved how can she let go? If you have moved on why think of her? we can never leave someone we love...

    • Cuz I haven't moved on honestly. But I knew when she left she didn't love me the way she thought.

    • You still love her from what you said im guessing that... do you want her back? Dont jump to conclusion that she is jumping in bed with everyone... probably she might be feeling same like you... if you love her.., don't let her go... because it will be a regret for life if you do...

  • What hurts is seeing the guy you look flirting with other girls. like what we have disent matter. that hurts. or seeing him being with other girls


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  • I can think of many others feeling that worst to be honest. And that's not even in the top ten. Just keep moving on. l

    • Your right. And that's what I'm going to do. Better myself everyday. I have a great future ahead of me, I just had a good idea of who I wanted to spend it with

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