I have a bad feeling about him something is not right?

been talking to this bartender for 5 mo. We have chemistry. Went out to dinner once. Seen each other a few times off and on. More texting than anything. won't here from him for sometimes days or weeks at a time. Then he texts out of nowhere sayin i miss u... blah blah blah... long text message. Saying he didn't text cuz he doesn't want to catch feeling for me tht since we met can't get me off his mind. We didn't have sex only made out a few times. I let him know im NOT having sex w/ him. I dont trust him... i know he is a dog. I only text him back sometimes after he text me. I wonder is he married, still w/his kids mother, or just a lying dirty dog? Im 8yrs older but i dont look it. I know my gut feeling is right... he is full of SHIT!. Whts ur opinion? I really want a guys honest opinion.


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  • He's too to up and down.


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  • If your gut tells you to stay away, stay away.
    It sounds quite fishy that he only texts you whenever it suits him.


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