Are we meant for each other?

Met this guy 5 years ago. We were close for few months then i had a boyfriend (not him). Then he started messaging me a year after that i gave no response of interest. Then we were close again a year ago also for a few months then he started being an ass by canceling our plans. Last few months he contacted me again wanting to meet up but i kept on declining until yesterday. We mock each other everytime me meet or even on the phone and we enjoys it, no one gets offended. What does this mean?

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The first time i left him for another guy


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  • It means you enjoy playfully arguing with each other.


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  • "Are we meant for each other?"

    The answer to this question is always no.

    Because life isn't a goddamn fairytale movie. You're not meant for anyone, and no one is meant for you.


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