What is wrong with me? seriously need help?

For the last two years my concentration has not been sharp... i feel foggy and its like i keep forgetting important things (its gotten me into trouble with school and work). I keep failing my tests because i jst can't seem to concentrate, im hesitant, foggy, tired and just simply careless. Im careless (and i REFUSE to believe i have add, im not stupid). Is something making me unhappy? I live in a stressful household.


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  • I'm the same way it's tuff it was stuff at my house a crush on a girl I would never have but school was just not important to me your ok just going through to much don't worrie school is pointless anyways


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  • Living in a stressful environment can take a toll on you because being stressed drains you. When we're feeling drained, we don't always do things as well as when we're full of energy and more alert.

    Even if you have ADD, that just means you have trouble concentrating and get distracted easily, it doesn't make you stupid. There are a few things you can think about that could be causing this such as are you getting enough sleep or have there been any recent changes in your life that may be effecting you.

    • i lived in abusive Household my whole life. My mom used to call me stupid EVERYDAY. My sister used to yell at me, like really yell loud, if i made a mistake. Since the age of 12 i had a medical problem untill about 16,5 and after that life didn't matter to me and i was extremely careless. All i wanted to do was sleep.

    • I'm so sorry to hear you went through that and that is most likely why you're hesitant. You're afraid of making mistakes and people getting mad at you so you probably question what you're going to do even if you know it's the right thing.

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