I am so oblivious to these things. Is she into me?

I'm 33M and she is 25F and we've known each other for 4 months. She moved here from another state and does not know anyone is the area. She still has a boyfriend back home that she talks to every day. She comes off as a big flirt and is extremely friendly to everyone. She is just as joyful and smiley to everyone else as she is with me but there is something different about the way she looks at me. Hard to explain.

We are both involved in a cycling class at the same gym. I signed up there years ago and she joined shortly after she was hired. The gym is right next door to our work building so it is not uncommon for people at work to go there. Since we work together and go to the same gym, we often leave together after work. Sometimes she uses the bike in front of me and often turn back while cycling to give me a big smile. It makes me feel special, but I see her randomly smiling to other people at work too.

One day after cycling class, she asked me what I was doing and I said I was going to Au Bon Pain. She asked to join. Since then, our friendship blossomed. We eat lunch together at work and still get food after the gym. We enjoy sharing stories and talking about our past.

I never once stepped over the friendship line with her. She is still new to this area and does not have many friends so I can understand that maybe her friendship with me grew out of convience? She was looking for new friends and there I was?

At work, we are at that point where we are IM-ing each other a lot about non-work related topics. We also text into the late night after work. We banter and talk about people at work. Most of the time, she is completely engaged in our conversations and end the night, but there were a few times when I could tell she was responding for the purpose of just answering my text and not really engaging in the conversat
My expanded question was cut short. Here is the rightful ending of my post.

Most of the time, she is completely engaged in our conversations, but there were a few times when I could tell she was responding for the purpose of just answering my text and not really engaging in the conversation. I always acknowledge those moments and cut the conversation short.

I like to think she is a tad interested in me. Am I overthinking it?


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  • first of all she has a boyfriend. so chances r less.
    but can u tell da difference between flirtin and being friendly? maybe she's just friendly... otherwise probably she fights often wid her boyfriend and she tries to flirt wid others

    also u said she's smilin to other people as well. maybe she just wants to be nice towards everyone.

    i'd say she considers u as a special friend since she's being so friendly around u and u have conversations frequently. if she didn't have a boyfriend for sure, perhaps i'd tell she's ineresed indeed

    • Thanks. We have been spending more time with each other outside of work and I have more to update. We are talking hours and hours. I have no where I need to be and she doesn't either, so it is hard to tell if she genuinely wants to spend time with me or just doesn't want to be alone. I can sense that she enjoys my company because she laughs and jokes with me and it looks like she has fun. Even though it is late, we both don't want to talk about the time because we don't want the night to end. I don't know if she does that with other people she hangs out with but I feel like there is some chemistry there. What do you think? Is she interested or just thinks of me as a very good friend?

    • laughin and jokin wid u obviously doesn't mean flirty anyway... she might consider u a very good friend as u said... but if she doesn't do this wid others... then yeah i believe there's a bigger chance there

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