Why is this 22 year old women on site meetme. com not taking my advice?

She posted that she is tired of non good looking guys messaging her more than once on that site, and that they should take the hint that she doesn't want to talk to them. I responded saying,''why don't you put on your''about me'' that you only want to talk to good looking guys?'' She said she is not going to do that, that she can do whatever she wants. I told her she should do that so the average and below average looking guys won't message her. She said that is shitty advice. How is it shitty? It's a good idea.

Is she not doing what I say because she enjoys seeking attention from the average and below average looking guys despite her being annoyed by them messaging her? Or she thinks if she posts what I say, she is afraid of looking a bitch, even though I don't think that makes her a bitch at all.


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  • Lol, indeed a good advice.

    • Why won't she take my advice. Read my additional details. Could either of those reasons be the reasons why she is not doing my idea?

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    • Right?

    • Yep!

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  • A lot less people would respond to her in general if she put that in her profile. Whether it be because she's coming off as a shallow bitch (even many attractive guys aren't going to want to deal with someone that bluntly shallow) or because they simply don't know if they qualify as 'attractive' in her eyes, since looks can be fairly subjective.

    • You mean a lot less people would MESSAGE her. I am not sure if she messages people first.

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    • I am saying how women in general only respond to good looking guys. Did you know that already?

    • On dating sites idiot

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  • I don't know but maybe she dosent want to take advice from a stranger... or maybe she's annoyed she didn't think of it before you did

    • Or maybe she is a messed up chick that is not putting anything because she wants attention from these guys still. That is messed up, basically torturing average and below average looking guys just so she can still get attention from them. Or she is afraid of looking like a bitch, even though that won't make her a bitch.

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    • Because it's her choice... and I'm sure you have better things to worry about

    • What is her choice? If she wants to put that in her about me? I am not talking about that. I am saying if the reason she is not doing it is because she wants to still get attention from average and below average looking guys that is messed up? Don't you agree if that is the reason she not doing it? It is like she is not caring that she is torturing these guys and to top it off if that is the reason she is doing it she has low self esteem clearly, cause enjoys having her ego boosted so much by the amount of messages she receives.

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