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So i just lost my grandfather to suicide, yes my mom and i found him, it was extrenely traumatic, but my boyfriend has been helping me through it. Some of the things he's been saying lately have been bothering me, and i have talked to him about it but sometimes he still does it. We went to the beach the other day and he commented on how much better i would look without glasses, having my hair down and wearing dresses. I wear my hair down when i feel comfortable too, like when its not ectremely hot or my hair isn't a mess. He also said he wanted his friend their to have even more fun, and have a couple drinks to relax. Why can't it just be relaxing without drinking? And just with me, his girlfriend? I probably haven't had any boyfriends before cause im not really girly, im just really shy and thats why i haven't. Then he also points out how immature and stupid i can be when i actually dont know something, i asked him what was in his italian sub because I've never had one before and he said that it was common sense on what was in it. he's 21 and im 17, he doesn't like that im that young because i can't go out to bars and clubs and shit like that. We can have fun without any of that shit. I just want to know what u guys think of this, thanks in advance and sorry for it being this long and messy.
I do love him too, he mentions on how he likes me a lot because im a good girl and he does have some good goals for himself for the future. he's not a bad guy, just some of the shit he says and does is messed


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  • Sorry to hear about your grandfather. As far as your boyfriend. I think he is trying to be the boss and take charge of the relationship. I do have a problem with some of his smart and sarcastic comments. He doesn't have to say some of those inappropriate things. He should be happy to spendt time with you. slSince your almost 18 then the age thing shouldn't be to much of an issue just as long he hasn't done nothing illegal.


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