What should I do now?

I was having a shitty day earlier and yesterday and I wasn't in a mood to hang out, but since my girlfriend wanted to hang out with me, we dediced to go Ikea for fun.
Howevwr, while I was driving with her, she was acting very childish and annoying. She was complaining about the weather, getting lost, getting stuck in the traffic. I couldnt handle any more negativities, thus decided to go back to my house and told her I don't want to see her for a long time and texted her I might break up with her if she doesn't fix her behavior.

She called me back crying, apologizing for her bad behavior today. She admitted it was all her fault and told me she will never do it again.

What am I supposed to do now?


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  • Really, she will do it again, just try to be strong when she does this, she will need to vent at times. Try not to let it get you down ok good luck.

  • take her back.


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