Why do I want to see this girl so often? is this infatuation?

I've never wanted to see someone more than once a week in my entire life. Until I met this girl I want to see her almost everyday which is not what I'm used to.

After meeting for 1 month and I finally had sex with her I thought I might want the next conquest but I don't!

Why am I feeling this way? I don't think I'm in love as I'm not ready to bring her to my friends or family yet.


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  • What would the next conquest entail?

    • usually I lose interest and gradually pull away after sex.. but I'm opposite with this girl.. I'm more drawn to her

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    • May be I'm just drawn to her beauty? It's only 1 month since we met. Not sure how long this :"in love" feeling is going to last

    • Only you can answer that then. If you feel its only her looks then it might not be love. But if it's looks in conjunction with the way she makes your heart feel it could be

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  • I think you are falling for her, if a guy is not into a girl he won't be wanting to spend that much time with her. Just let go and see what happens. This looks like a good start of a good relationship

  • you're infatuated.


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