Why was she staring, then looked away?

I met this girl, on a night train, when we both were traveling. During the train ride she showed geat interest in me: lots of questions, loots of prolonged eye contact (3s) and smiling, asks for my facebook, etc. We agreed to meet up, but since she was with her friends visiting my country, we ended up not meeting there.

Later, we agreed to meet each other in another country, which i planned to visit and where she was going alone.
In the first day we were ok, mostly in group with people from the hostel, she was warm to me but not nearly as interested as in the train, but i also did some mistakes... I arranged with her a plan for the next day, she agreed to it, but in the next morning she made up a lame excuse to flake and started acting cold to me...

Since then i stopped giving her attention and focused on going out to meet local girls. After this she changed her behavior, reengaging conversations with me, asking if i did meet any local girl, etc.. she even tried to make me jealous, flirting with another guy in hostel, where i could see.

The thing that bothered me the most is that, before leaving the city, we were with a small group talking, and i catched her staring at me, by the corner of my eye. I looked back at her, and she did look away very quickly. Now, i know this means she was unconfortable and that either she finds me repusive and did not want me to think she was interestested OR she was nervous that i catched her looking at me, and that shows at least some interest...

Ill probabily never see her again, but i can't take this doubt of my head! Why would she be looking at me after she rejected me and why would she look away like that?

  • She has zero attraction for me and does not want to send wrong ideia.
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  • If you ever catch any girl staring at you, it usually means they like you

  • She is just shy


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