Is this love or lust?

After an argument, I usually get tears in my eyes, When I think of parting from him someday, it sadens my heart. I wish to hold his hand, wish to hug him, I wish to kiss his forehead. I love the way he talks, i love his voice. Many times I bowed before God to grant me his love. Whenever I look at him, my world moves, my heart beat gets fast and i become nervous and start trembling. He is the first one I think of when I wake, he is the last one i think of when I sleep. Many times I saw his glimpses around when actually he was there. I daily see him in my dreams. Since he came in my life, I actually "lived" my life. I can not see him in pain. I can not hurt him. And I often wish i could bring all those moments back I spent with him. I miss him most of the time. I think about him a lot. To me he is the most beautiful person on earth. I feel happy when others admire him. I dislike those who speak bad about him. I still rem that actual scenario when for the first time I developed love towards him; he was giving me secret glances and the moment I caught him, he turned his eyes away. Do I sound like I love him or I am just going through a crush?

I know the guy since two years. We are friends.


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  • It could be a mixture of you love him and are crushing on him. I believe love does exist and it could be the early stages of it so right now it sounds a little more like you are crushing on him. If you have been with him for a while it could be love

    • I have been studying with this guy for two long years. He is my friend

    • Well it could be just a crush and care for him. If you continue to feel this way or have felt this way for a while it could be love

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  • It's a huge crush bordering on love. The time you've been together is just right for that.


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  • Love doesn't really exist, and if this is all completely true, than he might be too good for you.

    • It's all true. I have been studying with this guy since two years. He is my friend.

    • Ah. Sounds like you might just want to jump his bones really bad. If he were to commit to you, your "love" for him would probably diminish.

  • U love him haha don't think anything differently


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