Im talking/dating this girl, she said somethin like?

" the last guy i was talking to wasn't initiative enough and he just couldnt handle a challenge"

Now i got the initiative part,... but when she said he couldnt handle a challenge, diffrent meanings started running through head wit that shit,... but what did she specifically mean by it, females? Playing mind games or something? Just wanna know what im getting myself into ahead of time


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  • I have no idea and I'm a girl so I can't even comprehend how confused you must be


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  • Umm, Maybe she tested him a lot and he just gave up?

    • Thats kinda what i was thinking

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    • Anyone who approaches dating with that kind of mindset should be avoided at all costs.. especially ones who describe themselves as "a challenge". That's a huge red flag.

    • Also, these are the girls most likely to cheat when you fail their constant tests

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  • She likes playing games and the guy got sick of it and moved on?


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