Is it really no strings attached?

I've been hooking up with this guy that lives on my floor for over a month now. At first, it was something we'd do when we went out and drank.The first couple times he tried kissing me I turned him down. Then I finally gave in. Now it's not only a drunk thing. It happens whenever. We keep it a secret from most of our friends, at least we try to. I don't know why though. We spend most of our day together, like we eat, study, work out, and just hang out together all the time.

What's really throwing me off is that lately he's been way more flirty in front of everyone. He cares about me, even though he tries to play that off. Sometimes when I'm texting he'll sneak a peek at my phone, and if it's a guy he'll ask who it is. Before I left for the end of the semester he kissed me goodbye. We also hooked up the night before. Could it be he's starting to have feelings for me?

FYI by hooking up I don't mean sex. I mean hand jobs and whatever. Also, he's asked me to give him a bj multiple times but I never have cause I'm scared I might not do it right. I have thought about it though. I usually like my first anything though to be with someone I'm with or have strong feelings for. I've also considered having sex with him, but I don't want to lose it to him and then be attached. We are really open with things, and talk about everything, including why I don't do more with him.

I guess my questions are: Is he starting to like me? Should I go for it and give him a bj? Maybe even have sex? Any opinions are welcome :)


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  • If you like the guy, go on dates with him before you do anything more. You shouldn't have to go to third base or have sex with a guy in order to try to make him like you. That's kind like prostitution.

    If you're having fun just fooling around, then by all means, go for it. But if you want more, don't give it up so easily. Because unless he really likes you, he's going to be perfectly content having a cool gal pal who'll blow him once in a while.

    Believe me, I'm a guy.


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  • if he's starting to like you, great. go out, date each other, admit to others that you're together.

    otherwise, no. if you want your firsts to be with someone you care about and who cares about you, then bjs and sex should be after you've actually dated for at least a little while. they come after, not before.

  • i would not have sex with him unless you no you are in a relationship. what if he got you pregnant? I do not think it would be wrong to ask him if he likes you as more than a playmate. as for giving him a bj... go for it I guess then you can get better and if he is not "the one" you know how to do it for the future.