Bridging the gap to a date one month away?

I've got a date forty days from now.

What happened was I invited a friend from the Czech Republic to Comiccon to dress up with me. She didn't have the right documents to get in though. She was sent back at the airport. I felt terrible about it, and she did too, as if she let me down, so we'made plans to make up for it and see each other in Paris in approximately 40 days to spend a couple days together. The logistics work for us time wise and cost wise, and it'll be an amazing opportunity.

I chose 40 days because it's not too long away but it also gives me time to square away my travel documents and also it gave me time to book the flight and make the plans.

So, I let her know I had some preparations to take care of, and everything is set for us, but should I remain in contact with her before the date just to let her know I'm excited about it / touch base here and there, or is that unnecessary? It's a bit like the "contact before a first date" dilemna, but on a grander scale. Should I just let the anticipation build for her? It's definitely not your typical date! As far as long term expectations here, I really only just want to show her an amazing time. Anything is possible though. Thoughts on best way to bridge the gap?


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  • you should remain in contact.


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  • If you don't remain in contact, she will likely worry that you are backing out. Keep in contact, and ask her to make sure she has the necessary documents for that visit.


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