Girls, How can a guy in his late 30s compete for a woman if he's a virgin and wouldn't even know how to kiss?


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  • What do you mean "compete"?

    If he's a great guy and there is mutual attraction, then he should just start practicing asking girl about and minimize the importance/significance of the firstvrelatuonship as much as possible so he can grow from. it and not set himself up for devastation.

    With the right attitude and initiative, it can be a great experience for him to go from super virgin to a great boyfriend/husband.

    He hould be ready to make mistakes, and not be a perfectionist. He can ven pretend (in his mind) that he's someone more experienced to get the courage to do things he's never done before.

    Kissing isn't something you need to learn per se, it's as natural as hugging. What needs to be learned is the art of kissing , even better, each partner, and that can only come with experience, and with each partner's feedback if they happen to have any. He can always read about kissing before he finally does it, but he should definitely try it and architected about it! Just needs to get some confidence and courage to start the journey to creating a solid relationship.

    • Sorry for the crazy autocorrect typos!

      "Architected" was supposed to be = "and not just read about it" *

      Hope this helps.

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  • You won't be expected to NOT know. So theyd probably not notice. It'd just feel like a lot of pressure to you personally. And as for kissing, it's just something you learn with doing. You'll know.

  • It's not a problem I think if he has a good personatilty


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