How long should I wait to hear back after a first date before losing hope?

On average, how long do you guys wait before losing all hope? I have normally hear that 48hrs or less is standard if there is a lot of interest. 3-4 days with less interest. More than that and there is really no hope.
Lets not complicate the question by saying you can contact the person too. I'm just curious about if you had to wait, how long?


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  • For me it's a week, I know that seems super long? But I am really patient


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  • 5-6 days or so.


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  • If a guy really likes a girl and is interested... he doesn't play the waiting game. He let's her know he likes her and is interested. The guy I'm dating now inquires about our next date before he leaves from the current one, or texts me when he gets home.

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