She leaves for school at the end of summer for 10 months and might be afraid of starting something and getting hurt? Need some girl advice?

Long story short cuz it doesn't all fit here. A girl I work with thats 19 and I hung out outside of work a few times and I asked her out. We went on 2 dates she said were amazing and we kissed a few times etc... After that she text me a lot slower than usual with not as many :) and such out of what felt like nowhere. She cancelled on me twice but offered a 3rd day so I was like okay maybe she was really busy. Come the 3rd time she never even text me or let me know what was going on. Complete blow off so I figured it was over and didn't text at all asking or w/e. 4 days later she asked how my week was. saw eachother at work and told her if she wants to hang out text me so she did 4 days later again and I had to ask her what was up with us and we talked about it. Basically she felt like she likes me and spending time together but felt it was moving fast because she gets attached easily and is leaving at end of summer for 10 months to go to france for school. Told her we can take it slower and see how that goes and she can let me know. So I asked her on another date and she said yes, and she'll let me know. But come yesterday when i text her was short and never text back after a question. After a few dates what do you think about me asking her this. That we have a few options, we can very casually date and when she leaves wait til she gets back and try again more seriously, We can just stop everything now if she wants, or we can move into it more and just enjoy our 6 weeks. I also want to let her know that if we continue and move forward like we were at first there is always Skype and things like that to keep in touch until she gets back and half way through I could maybe even come visit. I have the money to. I'm just not sure how this is gunna work out but I really want it to and she just seems afraid of moving forward and getting hurt i think but I know I like her and I enjoy spending time with ehr and hearing what she has to say about her day and listening to her


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  • She doesn't sound particularly interested. If she was, she would communicate more- and she certainly wouldn't blow you off and be so flaky.


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