How am I sure things will work out between us?

This is kind of a complicated thing but I graduated high school not that long ago and found out this really hot girl (a grade below me) likes me. She's friends with one of my friends girlfriends. And we started talking on snapchat but guys hit on her a lot on instagram. She told me I was really cute but I'm surprised she likes me because she just kinda has a different style from me. And has face piercings, gauges and all that good stuff, and I don't have any of that. While the guys that do hit on her look pperfect for her. My jealousy got a hold of me and I stopped talking to her. We never actually talked in person but her friend told me she always talked about me. I am not the most attractive guy in my opinion but I really like her I just don't know what to do


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  • I Think you should start talking to her again. :) Don't let jealousy or insecurities get in the way of you talking to the girl you want. She likes u, thinks your cute, & she's talking to you, sounds like u don't have anything to be worried about. :)


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