Why would he let people think we have something going on?

There is a guy at work I have feelings for. We're quite good friends outside of work and have "hung out"/ "gone on dates" on a one on one basis in the past.

It never became more because he had a " close friend" who he wanted to explore options with. I asked him about her a while back and he said they were "sort of official", and I backed off.

Since then we've been spending more time together for a project we committed to previously. He sometimes says things or does things that could be seen to be more than just friendly, and other people have picked up on it too. People tease us for being more than friends and he always just stands there and laughs or watches me for my response when that happens. Apparently no one knows about this girlfriend of his and I don't understand why he let's people think there's something between us when he's supposedly attached?


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  • Maybe ask how things are going with the other girl next time you do something together or see him and if there is still something going on, then maybe mention why he flirts with you?


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