He hasn't texted me....WTF!!!

My friend and I went to a local sports bar when I got out of work last Thursday. She has a new bf, who she took off with and left me there. I have a lot of friends that go there so I knew a lot of people and decided to stay. At one point I was sitting alone..I think I was texting someone, and looked up and this gorgeous guy was standing there. He said "what are you doing sitting here all alone..."..I replied with "umm drinking" Recently divorced I had been out of the dating scene and a bit rusty. Not to mention that I was a little p*ssed my friend left me there. He said I didn't look like I wanted to be there ...I said "no no I'm fine"...he walked back to hang with his buddies. I had run into this guy that works in the same plaza that I do and coincidentally, he took a seat at the bar right next to him! I decided to go sit next to him, grabbed the other guy and apologized if I was a little bitchy. He said I looked grumpy. I told him about my friend leaving me there, and he was like "nice friend". To make a long story short, we totally hit it off. Talked and if he was standing next to me had his arm pressed against mine. That happened the entire night. Or I had my elbow on the back of the chair and he put his hand there against my arm. When talking he looked straight in my eyes and just stared when we would stop. Time came to go and he kinda waited and stalled his friends til I paid my tab. He helped me put my jacket on and we all left the place together. I was walking to where I was parked, and he was walkin behind me. All of a sudden his friend yelled out to him "where you going we are over here". He turned and walked towards him...that was it. Went back the next day, left abt 10 and he showed up an hr later. The guy I knew that I was sitting next to the previous night got his number and texted it to me. I waited a couple hrs and text him. He was playing dumb and said who is this..When I joked with him about some of the convos we had, he said hi and my name. Then said his battery was dying and said he would text me in the am. I didn't answer back. It's now been 2 full days and nothing. He did seem on the shy side but it was hard to tell. I thought we made a big time connection. What should I do!? I feel as if he wanted to ask me for my number cause I mentioned an event at the bar in a couple weeks...he said I would have to call and remind him with a smile. Then asked when it was again and put it in his phone. The fact he showed up the next night kinda got me thinking cause I was there to see if he would show but missed him got me thinking. I had never seen him there before, and he said his friends dragged him out that night. Should I wait? Or text him again? arghhh!

I text him about 10 last night and he never answered... : ( I guess I'm just going to leave it now. So friggin confusing..
He texted me today! yay.


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  • I think you should text him again...

    He could be waiting on you to text him... like a sort of kick in the back side... both of you are probably doing like a "test" to each other seeing who has to text first... so I think If you are that desperate, you should really text him ! Guys like attention as well...

    So text him and see how it goes ! Maybe say something like "sorry couldn't text you earlier my credit expired" and then go on to ask him how he is or if he wants to meet or something... you know best what to ask...

    Good luck =P

    • I want to, but I have read about it being "desperate" and he was so sweet ..I want him to give me a chance instead of scaring him off. Plus he has 2 kids, and I don't want to interrupt that..He's divorced too. He said he would text me and nothing in 2 days! Should I give it like a week? I plan to go to the bar again on Thurs...should I just wait til then see if he shows? Why is this so confusing?

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    • Ok I just text him if he planned to go to the bar that we met at this weekend....is that ok? He hasn't answered yet and it's been abt a half an hr. I'm not going to text anymore from now on and just let what happens ...happen. Just afraid I made a desperate looking mistake.... : /

    • That wasn't desperate trust me ! You are just genuinely wanting to know that question... in time he should answer hopefully =P

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