Why is she so cryptic?

Long story short: I went on a first official date with a girl who lives about an hour away, after not seeing her for a month (we still communicated by email and occasionally phone). I know that there was an initial connection between us, but a little while ago, she mentioned that she had a crush on a guy who, to her dismay, did not like her. Yesterday, she came to town so that, in the event of bad weather, we could still go on the date today.

I picked her up, and she did mentioned she was very tired. She seemed quiet, distant most of the day, and yet she still wanted us to make a special stop so that her grandma could meet me. Then, after we saw a movie and were planning on getting supper, she said she was sorry to cut the date short, but she just wanted to be brought back to where she was staying the evening, because she was tired.

Ok, so maybe that wasn't the short version.

All I'm curious to know is if, to readers of this, it seems like she is still interested in me, and if so, to what capacity? Friends, bf-gf? Or should I just ignore the negative vibes I was getting because she was tired?


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  • You could be reading her wrong. I mean, she did go on a date with you and you did meet her grandma. She really just could have been tired. I would give her a call and she if she wants to go out again.


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