Met him in tinder, should we meet again?

We met in tinder then I went out with him and his friend. He always tries to talk with me. In the end I was drunk at his place in living room, so he helped me go to his bed room. While walking from living room to bed room, he kissed my hair a lot. We slept in the same bed, he touched me but didn't have sex with me.

The next day he sent me back to my city by car, told me like "I hope to see you soon". I said sure, you can call me.

Then it's been a whole day passed, he didn't contact me. I want to know, is he interested in me? Should I make the next move or wait for him to make the next move?


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  • It kind of sounds like he's interested in you. It doesn't really sound like you're interested in him though. If you're not interested in him, don't pursue anything further. If you are interested in him, go ahead and make the first move.

    • Thank you my dear, but why think I'm not interested in him?

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    • Yeah I like him.. I didn't show it that obvious to him.. how should I make the first move?

    • Ask him out again, for starters.

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  • I say wait for him to make the move, you've made the first move by going to his, so let him make the move for once and if he doesn't then you know he was just trying to get in your pants!

    • hm he asked me and insisted me to go actually, he even said to pick me up at my place, so I went out with them.. but they arranged everything basically

  • You told him he can call you, so wait until he calls you.


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