If you are happy in your current relationship why must you hang on to old ones until you push you current partner away?

  • I have a squishy spot in my brain it controls me.
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  • Im not sure what the problem is here.
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My last two relationships failed because of this. One was an ex boyfriend "friends" collector. I hung in there until I caught her cheating multiple times. The other one was recently divorced. He was a great guy I liked him. She was always on the phone with him asking for advice about our relationship. She would sleep at his house if we had a fight. I have found that women have a double standard. They want you to fully comit and be their dream man. Of course you have to accept them as is.


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  • I've never done that. I believe that keeping communications with ex's will result to hassles and complications and make it difficult to move on. Hence why I just cut them off to prevent that happening later on in my life. As bitchy as that may be, I don't think it's fair for my new partner to be caught up in the commotion when it's got nothing to do with him. Usually ex's come back and try to rekindle pathways. I'm not interested in that crap.

  • Some people get nostalgia fever.


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