First date, guy I haven't met.. Help!

So I had this friend who I met through someone three years ago. We just talked via aim. Three years later I hear from him, and we started texting. I wasn't really interested in him when we first met but we were flirting a lot and what not. So we decided to meet up, we have seen pictures of each other and all and we are going to meet up for the first time for lunch. I'm super nervous, and what if he doesn't find me attractive? I'm just worried he will think I was better looking via pictures.

Hahah thanks ;D Yeah they aren't photoshopped or anything and I'm not wearing make up in any of them
Another reason I'm a little nervous is I have some acne scars on my cheek, they really aren't that bad. Some people think I Have freckles but eh && I don't like to cover them up with foundation I'd say on a scale of 1 - 10 of how bad they are maybe they
are a 3.5? I've seen worse. But I don't know will he notice?


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  • Hey !

    If you pictures where not deceptive (weird angles, photoshoped or more make-up than usual) He would have seen you mostly the way you are... besides looks isn't the only important thing... even to guys... some of us don't mind if a girl doesn't look like the newest top model as long as she has a nice personality... so don't worry about your looks. Make yourself look nice in a natural way... not putting excessive makeup as it's a total turnoff... (you don't want him to have to poke your face and it crumble all over the floor). But mostly just BE YOURSELF ! =)

    Good luck ! I'm sure you will do well !

  • Don't worry about it !

    Im sure he will like you more than you think, just be natural =) !

    He could even possibly like it allot ! Just give it a chance... better trying than always wondering what may have happened


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