Is it crazy that this could work?

So I'll admit I'm kind of a hopeless romantic at times, but I've learned to be realistic when it comes to relationships. My boyfriend and I met in high school when we had a class senior year together, and will both be 20 in a couple months. We flirted off and on for about a year, but we dated other people. However this summer we finally started dating and it's been amazing. We respect each other, have long conversations, and he treats me so well I feel like I'm spoiled sometimes. Anyway, we do go to different colleges. The distance is pretty large but we both agreed that it's no big deal. We're very independent people, so we see each other about every other day, and talk on the phone to catch up at the end of the day when we don't see each other, but we don't feel the need to text much and we don't worry when hours go by without hearing for each other. Our relationship is so relaxed and feels so mature and stable that I sometimes wonder if we could really work out (live together at some point etc.) What do you guys think?


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  • Crazy = different.
    If your heard agrees with it.. go for it 👍
    More crazy it is, more fun and more memories.


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