She says she is busy?

Went on a date with this amazing girl. We had a good time. We have known each other for about 5 months now. We see one another a lot during the week as we work in the same building. She is actually a lifeguard at the pool. She keeps asking and bringing up what are we going to do next. I asked when she was free during the week. She said she honestly doesn't know as she has picked up so many shifts which is true. I gave her a hard time and said it just sounded like an excuse (we talk like this to each other all the time). She just laughed and said you know I'm here all the time. I practically live here. I said well let's wait a few days and try and set something up. She said that would work best. Now people tell me that she should've of countered with a day and by not doing so shows she's not interested. With that being said whenever we text she is very responsive and makes an effort and she is the one bringing up the next get together not me. So how should I take this?


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  • She's just too busy for YOU. People make time for what they want to make time for, remember that. I have a guy I was talking to up until recently that was always "busy" but he was never too busy for sex... Get my drift?


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