Help guys on some good ideas?

What's a good first date girls like? What did you guys do?


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  • A good first date is something casual. Don't take her to a 5 star seafood restaurant for the first date, but also don't take her to something like a movie where you can't get to know each other. Save dates like those for later when you are comfortable with each other. The best first date I ever went on was at a theme park. It was fun and super casual. We rode all the rides and ate the disgusting funnel cakes and hotdogs. We had worked together for a few months and this date allowed me to see his fun side. Find out what she likes. Does she have a dog she loves? Go to the park with her dog and have a picnic. Does she love to workout? Go hiking and bring a lunch. If you're not sure, just take her to dinner. Pick her up from her house and take her to a local favorite restaurant. Take this time to get to know her. Don't work to hard to impress her and be yourself.

    • Thanks! What do you think of a baseball game or going to the river walk and walking? I really don't know what she likes since we met online.

    • Those both sound perfect. I would personally do the baseball game, but make sure you talk to her while you watch too.

    • Thanks

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  • The movies are the best first date

    • She said she doesn't want movies for a first date.

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  • We actually went out to eat and drove around.

    • I didn't know if just dinner was fine or do something else also.

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    • Thanks for the help

    • You are welcome keep trying.

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