Girls ask guys?

be honest would you date anyone from gag given a chance if they lived near you and the conditions were right etc.. TBH there are some beautiful intelligent and interesting women on this site i don't think i would put that much effort into it but i wouldn't mind given the chance anyone else or am i the only one? keep in mind i am not asking you to make a life time commitment its just a question
girls ask guys?

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  • no
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  • yea maybe 1 or 2 guys
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  • yea maybe 1 or 2 girls
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  • nae! would't waste my time
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  • i. m spoken for!
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  • i just like clicking buttons!
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  • All i can say is best wishes i only believe that 20 % of these women are truthful
    while 20 % are untruthful and 60% are Catfishers on here just watch yourself
    don't get hurt cause it's the Internet.. I've talked to one girl she is sharing the
    account with her daughter so one time it's her and daughter comes on her account
    another time we have a guy who's from Australia is all over the Internet and
    his name was SandPlanet he deleted his account.. He also had another account
    Ann4you on here and he deleted that account so just becareful

    • i don't get hurt or attached that easily but thanks for the advice

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What Girls Said 3

  • What with the third and fourth option? Yes I'd like to play with the feelings of two people, cheating on them both with eachother? uh?

    But yes, I would

    • i meant like there are 1 or 2 people you would consider dating not what you are thinking... i think

    • Ha I keep thinking the worst things on here

      Well, nobody here succeeded in getting me interested so at the moment none. But it's just day 1

  • No because I barely know anybody on here lol

  • Yes, I would date someone from here.


What Guys Said 3

  • there's a handful of women I find very attractive on here but I don't know any of them enough to want to date them.

    • well the point of a date is to get to know sum 1 but i think i know what you mean

  • Sure. There are some babes on here.

  • Oncoming horde of desperate virgins. Brace yourself.

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