Should my fiancee really be mad at me cause I got oil (from an oil change) on our new driveway? I mean it's not a big deal right? would you get mad?

We just bought a house together in May. Her car needed an oil change so i wanted to do it myself. So as i was doing it, the pan overflowed then in the moment i made it more worse and basically oil got onto our "new" driveway. I finished up and didn't tell her cause i thought she would not care. She got home from work and first thing she said was "omg why did you spill oil on our new driveway!!!" I told her i will clean it up tomorrow. Then she is like "you always make messes. We just bought a new house and you're ruining it already!".

We've been together for 5 years so i'am a bit used to it XD

But in all seriousness, i mean is it a big deal?


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  • Not for me, I think.

    She was probably tired from work. And, you know some are sensitive towards new things. Lol.

    Whenever we move to a new place, the first two weeks we would be extra careful to not make any mess.

    Kind of like when you get a new car, maybe?

    So even if I did get a bit mad, it would last a minute maybe or less.

    • she could of had a bad day at work or something. yeah when we got the house she wanted to re-organize things and put them in the right place and renovate rooms and all that girly stuff lol. But yeah she loves the house and in reality takes better care of it than me

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    • oh no, it's not big deal for me, this stuff is not worth talking about lol, i will clean it up tomorrow. i'll talk to her tonight about her work

    • Great then!😊👌

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  • Seems like a silly thing to get mad about but hey, I know people who cry over burn fries. That's just how they are

    • yeah, I don't know if she had a rough day at work, I don't know. But i will clean it up tomorrow

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  • I would be annoyed but all will be forgiven as long as you clean it up.

    • i will clean it up tomorrow. She could of been bothered from work or something

    • There you go then. Problem solved.

  • No? Throw some cat liter and coke on it and scrub it off.


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  • Get use to it, or find someone else I guess. I would not get mad.

    • she might of had a bad day at work or something

  • You sure you want to marry her?

    She doesn't fight fair within your relationship, and one day it'll be over something that will really piss you off.

    • 100% want to marry her, she could of had a bad day at work or something

    • Good. Congratulations on finding someone you feel this strongly for.

  • Lol, it's no big deal bro. tell her that it is cleanable and will look ok.

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