Father of girl I like who hates me acted like he was ok with me hanging out with her? now I'm confused?

it happened on Friday night , i was at place she works at as a server and at bar she was working at. i had seen him there when i first came in and he gave me a dirty look so i went to a different bar of the restaurant and is a sit down bar and some nights this girl works as server there. she was there that night and i sat there for a bit , only made small talk and nothing really happened.
but it got weird later on her father came by and was just sort of in a good mood and acted like he didn't care that i was there trying to spend time with her. i'm pretty sure he knows i have a thing for her and that her family never really liked me or wanted me to date her. so i'm confused why he acted like he didn't care and didn't seem bothered that i was there? the girl also seemed confused and surprised by this behaviour and her behaviour changed a bit after he left and i felt she was more interested in me than before


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  • her father liked you.

    • but I don't really think he likes the idea of me dating her and has never really made any effort to get to know me or even really says hi when he see's me around so I'm rather confused

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