Why is no one ever satisfied, if a guy breaks up with his girlfriend to be w someone else (for the right reason) its wrong?

If a guy wants to break up with his girlfriend to be with someone who he truly cares about everyone looks to him like he is wrong or like he's never satisfied with anyone. but I feel like that is a sign falling out of love with his girlfriend and him doing something about it. I would rather for my boyfriend to break up with me to be with someone else or because he fell out of love with me rather than cheat on me. Its like if a guy falls out of love and decides to break up with his girlfriend it is wrong but if a guy falls out of love and decides to cheat on his girlfriend it is still wrong. No one is ever satisfied? Why?
I have been friends w this guy for 6 months now, and he's been with his girlfriend for 2 years however he says that his relationship with his girlfriend is mostly physical and that sex is the only thing that has kept them together for this long. He recently revealed to me that he had strong feelings for me and even though him and his girlfriend had a lot of sex she doesn't have his heart he said Sex can't make a guy stay or love you. He told me that he loved everything about me that made me, me. how I'm weird I never let other people make me feel uncomfortable, how im goofy at times and childishly curious and always wanting explore stuff and press buttons (inside joke) and he wants me to give him a chance and he said that he would break up with his girlfriend for me. I feel like he is sincere but my friend told me that he would be wrong to do that. But why? is not like I am a side chick or homewrecker or mistress and I. A guy to break up with his girlfriend for me I never planned any of this it just happened. Him and I have never even kssed or done anything sexual with him (virgin) I didn't even know he had feelings for me until today.


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  • He's very right about sex alone won't make a guy love or stay with you, and neither will having a baby. We get into relationships because it makes us happy. If we're not happy in one then its time to get out of it. Wanting to be happy isn't selfish in any way


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  • Breaking up with someone for someone else is tragic but it's not wrong or evil unless it's done poorly.


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