Why did he want me to know that he was single?

Long story short, this guy and I have known each other for a couple of months. He was in a relationship and everyone of my friends knew.

However one time we hung out together and he showed me a meme about how great it was to be single and he laughed at it. Then the same night he mentioned to me that he was single after his relationship of 6 years went down the drain.

Why did he make it known to me that he was single? by the way this guy has flirted with me in the past and always wants to know about my personal life (about my ex bf)
He wanted you to know that he was single just in case you'd want to hook up with him.


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  • To let you know he's available if you're interested

  • really? for god sake man there is no hope!

    • Lol sorry for asking but just wanted to get a second opinion

    • no need to apologies just thinkin he telling you he single and it like you not clocked on thats why you askin

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